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You are on the web site "kriegsenkel.eu", a service place for the children of the children of war, which is administered by Heike Knoch and Winfried Kurth.

This web site exists since 2012. It was launched by us when we organized the first congress on children of war children at the University of Göttingen.

Until 2015 this site served also as web site of the association "Kriegsenkel e.V.". Since the beginning of 2016, the association manages its own web site. We nevertheless maintain our site to be able to give quickly informations on events, to ensure a bilingual web presence for children of war children, and to choose our own priorities.

We organize a bi-monthly discussion forum in Göttingen for children of war children and for people born in the years following WW II.

Commemoration: We are mourning for Monika Weidlich, founder of the Children of War Children group Hanover.

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